Vocal Coaching

Do you want to discover your true voice?

Do you wish to express yourself naturally and openly with vibrant flow of energy?

Voice is a fascinating instrument within our body which mirrors our true essence. Through discovering our authentic and natural voice, we discover and connect with our true power and beauty.

Through the experience of loosing my singing voice for seven years and the process of its recovery, I have learned how our voice can be discovered and liberated infinitely through listening and aligning our heart and awareness with our body’s wisdom, guidance of our energy, as well as practice of compassion.

As the throat chakra is considered to be an energetic center for authentic self-expression in the yogic tradition, opening the channel of our own voice resembles profoundly with the embodiment of expressing ourselves freely in flow, power, and love.

I am offering a coaching session both in-person and virtually to assist the journey of your voice embodiment. This is for anyone—those who wish to expand your vocal expression for your performance, presentation, or speech in public, or those who wish to just explore your own voice to connect further with your power of expression of who you are—I welcome you all. 

In the session, I will listen to your needs and we will work with the body awareness, various exercises and explorations, as well as energy and healing work.


1 session: $100 / hour