Voices from the clients

“During the session I experienced deep relaxation, never losing my conscious awareness but being aware also of something else that I have no words for. At one point, I clearly felt her touch me near my heart, which precipitated a let go of subtle tension I hadn’t realize I held. After the session, she said she had not touched me there. Very trippy. Very cool. And that’s only one part of it.

Even now, months later, I have that sense of confidence that I first experienced with Seshen, this sense that I am moving in the right direction – I am in the right place at the right time. I no longer have the feeling that I have to push to make something happen, you know? My life is more relaxed thanks to Seshen.” —June

“I am writing today to share my deep gratitude for the session I received from Seshen. Her gentle strength and clear intuition created a sacred container for me to access deeply held concepts and behaviors. I felt so utterly safe and vulnerable with Seshen and with her guidance I have had very expansive movement in my being. I created true breakthroughs.” —Scott

“I experienced deep, powerful calm, pulsating spirals of light: like the great blue ocean meeting the stars at night. Unmoved, yet moving – Seshen’s connection to the pulse of nature gives her the deep and penetrating intuitive sense that guides her in her craniosacral sessions. She hears what her clients need, from the wind, from the sky, from the deep quiet pulsating rhythms of her clients soul.” —Anka