Body-centered healing and embodiment practice for
personal, spiritual growth
and trauma resolution

I offer holistic support for you to connect with your true essence and thrive in the unconditional safety within you.

I have been facilitating somatic/body-centered healing and embodiment practice in therapeutic and artistic fields for over 15 years.

Originally from Japan, I lived in different continents on this planet, and I now live and have my private practice in Ojai, California. I offer in-person and online sessions, as well as events and workshops.

Therapeutic Practices

Upcoming Events


April 24th (Wed)

May 3rd (Fri)

May 4th (Wed)

May 8th

May 22nd


Sane Living, Ojai

Move Sanctuary, Ojai

Move Sanctuary, Ojai

Sane Living, Ojai

Sane Living, Ojai