This holistic practice, which has been widely spread and used in many people’s day to day life, has more healing potential than one would often imagine. Aromatherapy has a direct and immediate therapeutic access to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. The utilization of essential oil is not only potent by its concentrated nature (i.e. to make 100 grams of rose essential oil, you will need 450 kilo of rose petals), but also multi-faceted as the healing power of the plants holds chemical, botanical, and vibrational levels. 

There are a few significant advantages of using this modality in the therapeutic context. One of them is the immediate, direct, and effective psychological influence: as the scent takes the direct root to the limbic system—one of the oldest parts of the brain that governs emotions, memories, as well as the stress response—it has the ability to access and influence our primal responses to life directly, bypassing the part of the brain that creates narrative and reason-making. Therefore, even in the experience of stress, the aroma can alter one’s mood, state of nervous system, as well as behavior by immediately and directly shifting the physiological and psychological stress response.

Also, this modality enables one to include the natural elements into therapy, letting the healing power of plants work through us. As each plant carries its unique energetic characteristics and those energies are alive in the oils at high concentration, they can shift the vibrational field by interacting with the subtle body. For example, the oils extracted from the plant roots support our psyche and energy to ground; the tree oils brings us into center, ground and purify our energy; the oils from the plants growing under the abundant sunshine tend to reflect the warmth in our heart and positivity in our spirit.

An experienced aromatherapist would consider each oil’s different levels of healing properties—chemical components for its physiological healing as it is being absorbed into the blood vessels and traveling through the body; the characteristics of scent for its psychological healing as it is reaching the brain via the olfactory system; as well as acknowledging each plant’s physical and energetic characteristics, the region of  the plant used for the oil, and its surrounding environment for the energetic/spiritual influence, as the oil also influences the subtle body. A practitioner sees each person as well as the oils holistically to discern which plants’ multifaceted healing properties can most supportively interact with the physiological, psychological, and energetic/spiritual level of the individual’s whole-being.

I have studied English Aromatherapy and hold a credential with IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists). Also, I have studied the blending technique for natural perfumery. I love offering deeply therapeutic oils that bring also a deep sense of pleasure through their complex blend of aromas. 

There are also blends that I offer as products, made with the intention to align each chakra. These essential oils are diluted into organic fractionated coconut oil and infused into the crystals that enhance each chakra energy.