In ancient time, music, dance, poetry, story telling and visual didn’t have any separate names.

They existed inseparably as one, and it was called,“art.” 

It existed for us to acknowledge and honor nature, within and without us.

I want to remember, with you together,

that we were born as whole.

I believe,

we human used to know

that we are part of nature,

that our breath comes from life and death of others,

and the breaths of others depend on our way of life.

Everything is connected


by vast and mystical alchemy.

The rhythm of the moon,

the tide of the ocean,

the cycle of the season,

the movement of clouds,

the ray of the sun,

the wisdom of trees and minerals.

the song of birds, crickets, wolves and whales, …..

As I closely listen to them,

I find them all inside me.

Music, dance, words, visuals, healing,

none of them are purpose, but the prayer, 

the means for us to remember.

Everything exists in harmony, as whole.

I want to return to that place,

with you together.

~ Seshen