Crystals + Essential Oil Blend

A fusion of ancient medicine and modern healing

These Crystal Infused Essential Oil Blend Rollers are bottles of alchemy. The profound synergy between the healing power of essential oils and the vibrational energy of hand-selected crystals is filled in one bottle, mindfully crafted to harmonize your body and mind.

Every bottle is thoughtfully created with a specific intention and purpose in mind. The potent blend of high quality essential oils and crystals gently shift the frequency of your physical and energy body to harmonize your body and mind, promoting deep relaxation, clarity, and inner balance.

All handcrafted with love and intention, blessed by the sound of crystal instruments. They are manifestations of intention, magic, and care.

Top quality ingredients
The essential oils I use are all organic by carefully selected companies from France and the USA that provide trusting high quality oils. All crystals are graded quality—grade A++ or above. I also specially imported grade 5A quality clear quartz to maximize its healing effects. You will see in some bottles that I combined the crystals with clear quartz. It is because clear quartz has a powerful effect to amplify the healing energies of paired crystals. The essential oils are diluted in organic fractionated coconut oil, which is one of the most stable and lasting carrier oils.

Apply the oil on your hands, feet, corresponding chakra points, as well as the auric field. Take three deep breaths, receiving the aroma on your hands, and feel the energy open up and circulate.

To make an order, please send me an email which oil you would like to purchase. Shipping fee is included in the price.

Pure Light
—for purification, cleansing, and protection


Pure, top quality 5A clear quartz is crystal clear without (or with minimum of) inclusion, is a powerful purifier that cleanses the energy and shields from the negativity, as well as amplifying the life potential. The crystal is combined with the blend of essential oils also with powerful cleansing energetic properties, all of which have been used for cleansing and purification in rituals and ceremonies since ancient times.

Chakra: Crown and above

Ingredients: frankincense*, wild palo santo, juniper berry*, juniper branch*, cedarwood*, hyssop*, and lemon* essential oils & 5A grade clear quartz with fractionated coconut oil*

—for calm, stillness, and connection with the higher love and wisdom


Pure Amethyst quartz, the stone of higher wisdom, love, and spiritual energetic protecter, combined with 5A clear quartz, holds pure and high spiritual frequency. The crystals are combined with the blend of essential oils that are deeply calming and spiritually aligning, many of which have been traditionally used in rituals and meditations.

Chakra: Crown and Third Eye

Ingredients: sandalwood*, frankincense*, myrrh*, spikenard*, wild palo santo, marjoram*, lavender*, rosewood*, and hyssop* essential oils & 5A grade clear quartz and A++ grade amethyst with fractionated coconut oil* (*organic)

Clear Voice
—for open channel expression and heart-centered clarity


Blue Lace Agate, a powerful throat healer with its gentle and tranquil energy combined with 5A clear quartz, supports opening the portal of authentic expression, opening the vocal expression, as well as connecting with the heart-centered clarity.

Chakra: Throat

Ingredients: myrrh*, ylang ylang*, clary sage*, lavender*, juniper berry*, eucapyptus*, and lemon* essential oils & A++ grade blue lace agate and 5A grade clear quartz with fractionated coconut oil* (*organic)

Open Heart
—for unconditional love


Rose Quartz, a stone of unconditional love, and Green Aventurine, a heart chakra healer and grounder, combined with 5A clear quartz, attunes to the frequency of pure, innocent, unconditional love, grounding this energy into the heart center and body. The crystals are combined with the blend of essential oils that are powerful heart healers, embracing with the light and warmth, bringing opening, balance, and gentleness into the heart.

Chakra: Heart

Ingredients: sandalwood*, helichrysum*, geranium*, rosewood*, marjoram*, linden*, bergamot* (bergapten free), and mandarin* essential oils & A++ grade rose quartz, green aventurine, and 5A grade clear quartz with fractionated coconut oil* (*organic)

—for vitality, dignity, and empowerment

Citrine, a stone of golden sun energy, combined with rutilated quartz, an illumination for the soul, amplifies the inner life force with positivity, confidence, and creativity, while aligning with one’s soul purpose. The crystals are combined with the blend of essential oils that are also full of sun energy, as well as that work for opening the breathing and dissolving the conditioning held within.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Ingredients: helichrysum*, rock rose*, ylang ylang*, petitgrain*, pine*, ginger*, bergamot* (bergapten free), and white grapefruit* essential oils & A++ grade citrine and rutilated quartz with fractionated coconut oil*

Balance and Harmony
—for honoring and vitalizing the sacred feminine

Flower Agate (Cherry Blossom Agate), a stone that carries gentle sacred feminine energy, and Carnelian, an energizer of sacral chakra, combined with 5A clear quartz, attunes and vitalizes the power of the sacred feminine and cares for the health of the womb. The crystals are combined with the blend of essential oils that are known to balance the reproductive system, as well as enhance, nurture, and ground the feminine energy.

Chakra: Sacral

Ingredients: vetiver*, ylang ylang*, yarrow*, geranium*, clary sage*, lavender*, rosewood*, and bergamot* (bergapten free) essential oils & A++ grade flower agate, carnelian, and 5A grade clear quartz with fractionated coconut oil* (*organic)

—for grounding, releasing, and nurturing


Moss Agate , a stone that is deeply connected with Mother Earth, combined with Bloodstone for grounding, protection, and blood cleansing, and Carnelian, to energize and integrate the lower chakra. The crystals are combined with the blend of essential oils that are known for grounding and rooting, letting go and releasing, nurturing and uplifting, as well as connecting and integrating the lower to higher chakra.

Chakra: Base

Ingredients: benzoin* (benzoin resin* 55% & organic alcohol* 45%), sandalwood*, vetiver*, cypress*, rosewood*, bergamot* (bergapten free), and mandarin* essential oils & A++ grade moss agate, bloodstone, and carnelian with fractionated coconut oil* (*organic)

Caution: For topical use only. Avoid eyes, inner ears, and other sensitive areas. Consult your doctor if pregnant or in treatment. Sensitive skin may recact to UV rays. Keep out from direct sunlight.

*The products are not meant to cure any diseases and do not replace consultation and care of a medical professional. In accordance with Federal Rules, all products of Celestial Hearth are for recreational purpose only.