Sound Healing

Healing sound is a medicine for all people. It is a powerful and accessible tool that can transmute your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body into vibrant aliveness, peace, and harmony.

Crystal instruments and voice particularly hold an incredible, powerful source of healing. The sound frequency of clear quartz crystal is so pure and fine that it can permeate into the depth of our cellular consciousness. A human’s voice can touch and transform our heart and soul to the depth that no other instruments can do. 

In this session, you are held by a gentle and intentional space to receive the powerful healing gift of sound vibration through crystal instruments and voice. Another possibility is to explore your voice for healing. With the guide of crystal sounds, we will discover and nurture the healing energy of your own voice so that you can use this medicine in your day-to-day life to support whenever you long to return to the state of harmony and openness.

Sound Healing

The healing power of sound has been recognized since ancient times. Its significant impact to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being is continuing to be revealed further today also through scientific research.

Sound, especially when it is worked intentionally, has the ability to regulate and balance the nervous system, to bring calmness to the heart and breath, harmonize and enliven the organs and endocrine system, and loosen the chronic tensions in the body. But also, it has the ability to soothe and dissolve the emotional pains, as well as allow our body, mind, heart, and soul to return back to oneness.

Experience of sound does not merely occur through our ears. Listening is a whole body experience. It is an alchemical exchange between the vibration of our body and the sound. The sound vibration penetrates our skin and resonates through the layers of our body, reaching to the core. Also, it resonates and realign our energy bodies that are above our skin.

Crystal singing bowls and pyramids

Crystal instruments, especially the clear quarts instruments that I use, have such pure and fine energetic frequencies that penetrate to the depth of your physical and energy body. Their extended overtones not only assist to drop you into the state of deep relaxations, but also attune your body, mind, heart, and soul with multi-layered harmonic resonance.

Crystal bowls and pyramids have different qualities and shapes in frequency that will touch and work with us differently. When both combined, they work in synergy, creating a powerful healing alchemy which you will be able to perceive clearly.

Healing power of voice

Voice has a deep healing ability that no other instruments can hold. It can directly reach to your heart and soul and embrace them gently to attune into harmony.

In the session, I invite my clients to use their own voice, if they feel called to, with the support of crystal instruments. Opening one’s voice can be a threshold for deep and powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in one of the most gentle ways.

As our entire body vibrates through the vocalization, it will not only address the limitations around our throat area, but it can also release the physical and energetic tensions held and stored in the entire body to create a new pathway for the energy to flow and experience the openness towards life.

How one session unfolds

A session is either receiving, active participating, or a combination of the two.

When you choose to receive the sound healing, you are invited to rest in the most relaxed position. I will then play the crystal instruments and tone with my voice, which will reflect your song of life—your pure vibrational field. It will interact with your body and energy field through which your biological system may calm down and regain its balance, harmony, and vitality. At the same time, it is very possible that you will receive some messages from your soul as insight, vision, words, or sensation.

When you choose to actively participate, we will explore together to discover and nurture the healing power of your voice. This process unfolds by the way of allowing. With the support of crystal instruments, the body and mind become attuned to the natural state of balance from which your voice can express itself without any force or control. The way you vocalize can be so simple, and yet it can be such a powerful experience. Within a simple toning, there is a deep message of your heart and soul. As we acknowledge and nurture, you will embody a new language for your well-being. Its healing effect can be deeply profound.

1 session (1 hour)
Heart Donation $100~150
*For additional $30 includes the recording of the sound healing in your session to allow you to reconnect with the frequency anytime.

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