Sound Healing

Since ancient times, sound and music have been recognized as medicine to attune and guide the body, heart, and spirit into well-being. They have an effect on the nervous system to calm down and regain its balance, the energy (chakras) to restore its flow and harmony, the heart to calm down and open, and the spirit to revitalize. Today, its powerful healing ability has been proven also scientifically.

My Sound Healing interweaves therapeutic, artistic, and spiritual dimensions through the healing power of sound and music. I developed this particular approach and relationship to the practice in Norway, where I deeply immersed my life into the search for the embodied connection between voice, music, energy, body, nature, and healing from 2014 to 2020. I was fortunate to have wonderful mentors such as Bjørn Arne Løken, a shaman, gong master, and accomplished classical percussion player and teacher, who showed me the way and power to integrate the spirituality and healing with the art and craft of music; a vocalist, improvisor, and composer, Sidsel Endresen, who taught me the power of improvised music as well as extended vocal expressions with embodied integrity and freedom through her decades of experiences and artistry, and by means of the Four Parameters Principle which she developed. Also, the Nordic nature has taught me so directly and viscerally how music can be a part of nature, as well as how the space and stillness can be ever so present in the sound, which holds the deep healing potential. Therefore, in my sound healing, by listening to the intention of the particular session and energy of the moment, I compose and offer the music of crystal singing bowls, pyramids, and voice through melody, rhythm, timbre, and dynamics, all of which are part of the component of sound and music as medicine.

My focus in sound healing is to attune the very fine, hence deep vibrational field within the physical and energy body. Therefore, I use exclusively crystal singing bowls and crystal singing pyramids together with my voice. Crystal instruments, especially the clear quarts instruments that I use, have such pure and fine energetic frequencies that can penetrate to the depth of the physical and energy body. Their extended overtones not only assist to drop the clients into the state of deep relaxation, but also to harmonize their multi-layered being. Voice has a deep healing ability that no other instruments can hold. It can directly reach to the heart and soul and embrace them gently to shift towards harmony. 

Listening, as a holistic experience, is a vibrational embrace for the entire being. In truth, the sound and its energy are not only received through the ears, but more through the delicate skin of the body, as well as heart, and soul, permeating deep inside one’s being.

In the session, I also offer an additional option for clients to use their own voice, with the support of crystal instruments. Opening one’s voice can be a threshold for deep and powerful physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in one of the most gentle ways. This opportunity can support clients to use the healing energy of one’s own voice in their day-to-day life to support whenever they long to return to the state of harmony. As the entire body vibrates through the vocalization, it will not only address the limitations around the throat area, but it can also release the physical and energetic tensions held and stored in the entire body to create a new pathway for the energy to flow and experience the openness towards life.

“Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.” 
~ Hazrat Inayat Khan