Somatic Attachment Repatterning (Relational and Developmental Trauma Resolution)

Since the very beginning of our life, the ways how we relate with ourselves as well as others and our surrounding environment have been continuously shaped within and through our relational field. Although every relationship can bring significant impacts into our life, our earliest experiences are understood to lay the foundational tones within our being for what we believe in and how we respond to our interpersonal relationships. These beliefs and reflexes, if not optimal, are hard to rewire by oneself, because they are shaped within the relationship, and their roots are in our body—cellular memories—that cannot be transformed merely by our cognitive understanding or will. 

The powerful healing occurs within the secure relationship, that allow us to recognize what it was like then and discover what is available now, through our bodily experience. Somatic Attachment Repatterning offers this repairing opportunity in a safe, attuned, and caring relational field, to bring understanding and healing for our early attachment injuries that may have been influencing the baseline of how we relate with ourselves, others, and the environment.

Our body and psyche are programmed to constantly search for the experience of safety, connection, and belonging. It is our physiological making that we can only thrive (instead of survive) when we feel our environment as secure and welcoming regardless of our age. If these optimal conditions were absent or interrupted in our early history, when our body and psyche were deeply imprintable, we build insecure attachment adaptations in our system instinctively in order to cope with the environment that was not safe and welcoming for us to exist in as who we truly are. These insecure attachment adaptations are hardwired in our nervous system and emotional states that can bring implicit influence on how we interpret our relational experiences, regardless of what is actually present and available in the moment. They do not only influence our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and interactions with others and the environment, but can also bring physiological symptoms, such as digestive issues, sleep difficulty, or chronic pains.  

Somatic Attachment Repatterning supports experiencing and embodying what it is like to be in the secure attachment, by accessing the visceral sense of unconditional safety, belonging, and connection within the present moment, in order to bring empathic understanding and forgiveness to the past and meet the given moment with empowered choice to flourish and thrive.

Below are some examples of the tendencies that can be observed as the expressions of attachment injuries/developmental trauma:
– Anxiety in relationship
– Sense of not belonging, unlovable, or unwanted
– Sense of unsafety
– Sense of disconnection
– Defensiveness in relationships
– Fear of abandonment
– Difficulty making contact 
– Cannot sense or express one’s needs
– Difficulty in asking for help
– Difficulty in giving and receiving emotional support
– Cannot tolerate needs not being met quickly or perfectly
– Inflexibility
– Not able to give or receive nurturing
– Lack of sense of stable self
– Lack of autonomy in feeling or thought
– Difficulty in making commitment