Integral Somatic/Body-Centered Healing for personal growth and trauma resolution

Integral Somatic Healing is a holistic, process-oriented approach for trauma resolution, emotional embodiment, and personal growth. 

The sessions entail an eclectic approach that focuses on somatic/body-centered interventions, chosen from a wide range of complementary modalities according to each client’s needs and intentions. In a session, we invite sensations, feelings, gestures (movement), and/or voice as a part of the process in order to keep orienting ourselves to the experience of present moment, as well as to listen to the uncharted expressions within that had remained implicit. 

Body is a sacred vessel that holds all the remembrance of our painful memories as well as our innate wholeness and resilience—our original blueprint. Therefore, when we listen to the body with reverence in an intentional, safe and attuned environment, there is an experience of “understanding” emerging and reaching deepest into our heart and soul, which we may have sought for so many years so that we can finally settle in ease and true power within the field of coherency.

In this work, we see healing as an unfolding process of restoring life, for all parts of ourselves to be included, welcomed, and have their voice as a whole. The intention of the session is to discover and experience the coherent understanding towards charged areas in life where energy had lost connection with its innate harmonious flow. As we move through this process gently and mindfully with reverence, we can allow an organic opening through the whole body experience, so that something can finally rest and be at ease, where there is an unconditional safety and invitation perceived, to exist, experience, and express our very nature in all relationships.

Below are some of the modalities which I bring into our sessions. All of them have brought significant impacts and healing into my life. And I continue to witness and be moved by how deeply these works are real by witnessing others also transforming through these practices. 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Integral Somatic Psychotherapy (Emotional Embodiment and Trauma Resolution)

Somatic Attachment Repatterning (Relational and Developmental Trauma Resolution)

– Bodynamic (Somatic Developmental Trauma Resolution)

Pre- and Perinatal Psychology (Pre- and Perinatal Trauma Resolution)

Body Mind Centering (Integrated embodiment approach for body and consciousness)

Soul Motion (Conscious Movement Practice)


Sound Healing