Soul Motion™

“I Am One with All.”

Soul Motion™, designed by Vinn Arjuna Marti, is a conscious dance practice that fosters the embodiment of presence through deep listening, grounding and centering, open perception and resonance, and imagination and creativity.

As we move and are moved with the music from all genres across the globe, the practice invites us to explore:
“How can I stay connected with my true expression while being with all others?”, including every voice on the dance floor as valuable and necessary to co-create One Dance.

We see what we explore on the dance floor as an extension of our “everyday dance”, encouraging us to bring it as an ever unfolding practice of “I am one. I am one with all,” into our day-to-day living.

2 Wednesday evenings a month
6:30pm ~ 8:00pm
at Sane Living (316 E Matilija St, Ojai, CA 93023 USA)

Price dropped! $20 drop-in with cash or venmo

Starting with the warm-up —an open space with gentle music—for each of us to arrive into our body, onto the dance floor, and in the present moment, followed by a short facilitation with an invitation to explore the language of Soul Motion practice, we will alone and together weave the space in movement and stillness through about 50 minutes of music. There will be a closing circle at the end as community.

All are welcome, as the practice invites all of us to begin again and anew with the beginner’s mind!

We dance to remember who we truly are.

*We won’t turn people away with lack of funds. Please reach out to us. We can make an arrangement happen.

Seshen is able to create such a safe container, I find myself moving from my deepest core, irregardless of what may show up from there. Laughter, tears, shouts, joy! What a wonderful gift to provide an environment where my deepest self can come out and play with others without reservation. Thank you Seshen! —Ann Marie

I have found Seshen’s ability to create setting in the studio that enables we dancers to connect deeply with our Self, the Elements and each other quite extraordinary.  I was at a point in life, emerging from a painful period of grief and I needed very much to find a way to keep my Heart open yet move and metabolize this saddness that was stuck inside, pulling me down into the duldrums.  That is what I discovered within Seshen’s classes.  Seshen always provides me/us with a safe space to dance from Heart, which enables me to transform, thru movement, painful experiences into what feels like beauty.  And that has made room for joy, laughter, playfulness and a balanced range of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual experiences to move thru me again… a return to embracing Life. —Steven

Life changing.
Revolutionized the way I express myself.
Recommend to anyone who wants to express themselves. —Jasper

Seshen embodies what she teaches: release of creative energy, opening up a vessel to communicate something bigger than herself, inspiring her students to do the same. —Kristin