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There was a time when expressive arts and healing arts were always woven as one. It was cherished by the community as transformational medicine for the well-being of all life. These two arts are indeed inseparable for my life. They have always been journeying with me hand in hand on my path of transformation and growth, as there is one purpose: to remember that our life is whole and never separate from nature.

Seshen is a professional vocalist, improviser and movement artist, as well as devoted practitioner of healing arts. She performs, teaches, and holds events internationally. During the past 15 years, she has delved deeply into the worlds of healing and expressive arts in order to integrate these two languages, searching for the primordial and mystical reality of life—our multi-faceted memories of emergence, birth, and infinite connection to the whole, which tends to be untouched and unspoken in the modern industrialized world. She has been cultivating her practices through deep listening to nature through the physical body—to find the presence of nature within our own being and expression. Originally from Japan, Seshen has lived in Europe, Hawaii, California, Canada, and Norway, which contributed to developing her eclectic practice.

With a master’s degree from the Norwegian Academy of Music in vocal improvisation (2020), Seshen lived for 6 years in Norway through her search for embodied and holistic vocal expression in connection with body and nature. During those years, she was fortunate to have mentors such as Sidsel Endresen, a vocalist, improvisor, and composer from whom she studied Extended Vocal Improvisation, and Bjørn Arne Løken, a shaman, gong master, and Western classical percussion player and teacher. It was from him that she learned the crystal singing bowls and pyramids, as well as the synergy between sound healing and musicianship. They also collaborated professionally in the concert series, “Meditation Concert—Voice of Nature” at Emanuel Vigeland Museum, in Oslo.

Seshen is also educated in CranioSacral Biodynamics, Esalen massage, aromatherapy, and Peristeam Hydrotherapy, among other healing modalities, and continues to educate herself in the field of Pre and Perinatal Psychology. As a movement practitioner, she has received teacher certification in Soul Motion™, a conscious dance practice, in 2011, and continues to study various somatic practices such as Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Timani, and Body-Mind Centering. From 2017-19, she was on the guest faculty for the master program at Rudolf Steiner University College in Norway, teaching movement and group performance in connection with nature.

Since 2020, Seshen has been based in the Central Coast of California.

Returning to body. Returning to earth.
TEDxOslo, 2016

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