Crystal Fullerene

  • High Vibrational Charm from Japan

A high vibrational charm from Japan

Crystal Fullerene is a sacred holographic geometry woven with the pure crystal beads. It is a powerful healing conduit between celestial and terrestrial fields, emitting the frequencies of higher dimensions.

The shape of this geometry resembles the C60 fullerene, known as a molecule with high cleansing and healing properties. The only C60 found in the natural world to this day is in the shungite crystal, known as a grounding stone with powerful purifying properties that can clear the negative energy in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, as well as the environmental pollutions.

The healing power of crystal fullerene is encoded by its holographic shape as well as pure and stable vibrations of crystals. Its frequency permeates, and transforms the energy of the space as well as our body.

It is truly a magic!

Holding the crystal fullerene in your hand, you can immediately sense connecting with the higher energy of wholeness. When you place the fullerene in the room, the energy of the room gets cleared and infused by its frequency.

Weaving fullerene is a sacred ritual. Selected pure AAA quality crystal beads or above are purified by the sound of crystal singing bowls and pyramids, prior to making each fullerene. They are woven with affirmations while listening to the guidance of the crystals. And once made, its energy is activated by the crystal instruments and toning.

Fullerenes made with different crystals hold unique frequencies and consciousness that can work on different aspects of ourselves.

Custom-made Fullerene with your intentions and affirmations are available. Below are some examples of different combinations of crystals. There are three sizes, made with 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, or 8mm beads. The price ranges from $111 and above, depending upon the crystals used. For ordering, please contact me here!

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