My work

I have been facilitating somatic/body-centered healing and embodiment practice in therapeutic and artistic field for over 15 years. I am a firm believer in the transformation and healing through the body.

I love and cherish both therapeutic and artistic practices. They inform each other and strengthen each other. They show me, in their own right, how we heal through the experience of interconnectedness, and that we are here for the sake of giving and receiving this healing with and for one another.

In my therapeutic practice, I started with herbalism, aromatherapy, and massage in Japan in 2007. And yet, the path soon guided me into much subtler and deeper somatic healing practices. In 2009, my therapeutic focus shifted into Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), which is a whole-person approach to healing, where the interconnectedness of body, mind, heart, and spirit are deeply acknowledged through touch, awareness, and the art of deep listening. It continues to remain as a core of everything that I offer, whether therapeutic or artistic.

During the past years, while we have been collectively undergoing deep purging and healing of traumas, I have immersed my life into the inquiry to gain further somatic/body-centered interventions and embodiment practices to be in better service for the healing that is so needed right now in order for us to move into the paradigm of fierce yet compassionate inclusiveness—starting with the life of my own and my family’s, then extending out to the communities around. Today, I offer private sessions with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy alone, as well as a more integral approach to somatic/body-centered healing, utilizing different, diverse tools that have brought profound transformation, growth, and resources into my own life and others. You can learn more about various interventions I incorporate in the page “work with me.”

The power and beauty of therapeutic practice has been that it allows me to work with an individual or group intimately side by side. It is a deeply humbling work to honor each person’s very personal life stories as well as their body’s intelligence and primordial force for adaptation and protection that had enabled them to cope with various adversities. As we allow our innate wholeness to be the premise and guiding principle for healing, the gift of transformation and resolution through embodied/body-centered healing is immense with its lasting influence.

Both in my therapeutic and artistic practice, my primary area of interest has been to heal and nurture the womb space—where our life has emerged from—to reconnect with our primordial nature and foster health in the continuum of life. This inquiry encompasses also a further study of the pre- and perinatal psychology where our very early her/history of life is explored as roots of our imprints—limited perceptions and beliefs of who we are. I incorporate into my therapeutic sessions the awareness of pre- and perinatal trauma resolution as well as relational and developmental trauma resolution to co-create a gentle and healing space for the little one who lives in each of us regardless of our age. 

Also, I have another dedicated website ( for supporting women as well as parents in their passage of pre-conception, conception, pregnancy, and postpartum to nurture the continuum of life, in seeing the babies as conscious and sentient beings from the moment of conception or even before.

In my artistic practice, I was a fairly late starter. I began with dance and movement in my late twenties due to the physical trauma I carried from surgery in my early childhood. Also, as I lost my singing voice for seven years in my twenties, I was finally able to develop my vocal and musical practice in my thirties, when I lived in Norway, performing, and eventually completing a Master’s degree in vocal and movement improvisation in connection with nature and Japanese cosmology.

The artistic practice allows me to co-create with others a sacred and intentional container for individual and collective transformation beyond time and distance. Art has a power to turn invisible into visible to remind us experientially how we are part of the whole. The intention of my works has always been to remember together who we truly are, that we are all connected and inseparable from nature—the greater wisdom and force of life.

In my life, I continue to deepen my own embodiment practice through movement and voice work as well as regular meditation, and deepen my personal healing by regular sessions and mentoring with experienced integral somatic healing as well as pre- and perinatal practitioners.

Having lived in different continents on this planet, I have been blessed with the opportunities to study and practice with exceptional teachers and wisdom carriers in diverse practices of embodiment and healing. With deep gratitude, I list here below some of the training and educational backgrounds which are part of my present work.