Energy Work through Touch and Sound

I am here to soul journey with you on the pathway of remembrance.

Beyond all the stories and conditionings which we believe we carry and need to mend,
there is a pathway through which we access the mystical messages of our soul,
reminding us of our origin that is infinite and whole
—the memory of who we truly are.

This memory resides in your body. The fluid of each cell has been vibrating its frequency ever since the beginning.
Therefore, let us listen and receive its vast secrets and love.
Through my hands-on work and the sound of my crystal instruments and voice,
my offering is to create a sacred space for your soul to sing its primordial song of remembrance to you.

The CranioSacral Biodynamic therapy I have been practicing since 2008 attunes the water within the body. This is called Mid-tide, breath of life. There is also another breath of life called Long-tide, which is the energetic breath cycle that all living beings on this planet share. As our body and consciousness tunes into these breaths, the frequency of each cell in our body begins to align with the original imprint and return towards our innate wholeness—harmony with all things.

With the same intention of deep listening, I approach my sound healing with crystal instruments and voice. The sounds I play and vocalize are a tender caress for your vibration—a song to guide you back to your home. My sound healing was developed through the six years of my life in Norway—the ancient land where the air is so clear, the water so pure, the nature so lush, and even the ice sings the silence—all of which reflect back to us the purity and infinity that we are.

Through a session, your nervous system would regain its balance, and your physical and energy body will learn to align itself with the frequency of wholeness. Therefore, it could well help your various physical, emotional, and energetic symptoms you might be challenged by at this time. And yet, each session is so unique that I cannot define which aspect of the healing experience will be touched upon. Rather than curing, my purpose is to create and hold a sacred space, and allow the alchemy of your intention and soul’s plan to guide you through the journey of transformation.

I am here to be in service for you to further open your channel and reunite with the harmony and clarity that has always been within you. Let us walk together on the path of awakening in remembering who we truly are.

How one session unfolds
In the peaceful, healing environment, the session begins by first setting an intention together for this journey. Once the space is attuned and you have found your most comfortable position lying on your back, we begin our journey with the crystal music, for your body to tune-in to the resonant frequencies of your being. The hands-on work follows after. It is a time and space for your body to be listened to with care and clarity in order to return to its balance and wholeness. The session then ends with a gentle integration through the sound of crystal instruments to harmonize and ground your energy with everything that unfolded.

1 session (1 hour)
Heart Donation $100~150
*For additional $30 includes the recording of the sound healing in your session to allow you to reconnect with the frequency anytime.

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