Crystal Body Healing

You are a radiant light.
This is not merely a metaphor. There are crystal energies inside your body that hold incredible healing forces of light with the frequency of the original blueprint.

These pure, radiant, and harmonious energies are located in each chakra system and beyond. They can permeate through your cellular consciousness, rebalancing, revitalizing, and reharmonizing body, mind, heart, and soul.

This healing medicine inside of you, you have always an access to. When you open yourself and allow the crystalline vibrations to infuse your body, your whole being attunes back to the higher frequency—who you truly are.

In a session, I will hold the space and facilitate for you to connect with your intuitive guidance and activate your crystalline energies with the support of crystal fullerene, sound, somatic guided imagery, and touch. 

Crystal fullerene

Crystal Fullerene is a sacred holographic geometry woven with the pure crystal balls. It is a powerful healing conduit between celestial and terrestrial fields, emitting the frequencies of higher dimensions.

The healing power of crystal fullerene is encoded by its holographic shape as well as pure and stable vibrations of crystals. Its frequency permeates, and transforms the energy of the space as well as our body.

Holding the crystal fullerene in your hand, you can immediately sense connection with the higher energy of light and wholeness. 

As the fullerene is a solid crystalline energy, holding it in the hand or placing it on a certain part of the body can assist us in assimilating to its energy.

Each fullerene woven with different crystals holds different frequencies and consciousness that can work on different aspects of ourselves.


Crystal instruments and voice particularly hold an incredible, powerful source of healing. 

The sound frequency of clear quartz crystal is so pure and fine that it can permeate into the depth of our cells and energy fields. It is one of the most powerful ways to infuse and transform our whole being with the crystalline vibrations. 

A human’s voice, on the other hand, can penetrate our energy field to the depth that no other instruments can do. Especially when voice is used with gentleness and sensitivity, its vibration can have a profound access to the remembrance beyond time and space, transmuting our energy field into vast openness.

*To learn more about the sound healing with crystal singing bowls, pyramids, and voice (toning), click here.

Somatic guided imagery

Crystal energies in our body can be activated through the practice of deep listening and allowing. Perception, awareness, imagination, intuition, instinct, sensitivity, and openness. These are all essential components to nurture and cultivate the relationship with our inner medicine.

Therefore, somatic approach with the help of our intuition, imagination, and primordial wisdom can unleash the crystalline vibrations that have been long forgotten yet are always within us. 

Through tuning into various energetic centers in our body, the crystalline vibrations open up and guide us into deeper breath, blooming openness, and wholly integrated existence. 

This approach has been cultivated through various profoundly transformative somatic and movement practices I have delved into these past 15 years, as well as my daily practice with the crystals.


My hands-on approach is based on CranioSacral Biodynamic therapy I have been practicing since 2008. It is a gentle and non-invasive practice, attuning into the cyclic pattern of life force energy within, called “breath of life.”

The sensitive touch and awareness tunes into the cyclic ebb and flow of the fluid system in the body (Mid-tide) as well as the vast and radiant energetic movement pattern that all living beings on this planet share (Long-tide). 

This deep listening and care allow our body and consciousness to arrive in the place of stillness, where our original cellular memory opens, shines, and guides the physical and energy body to return to the balance and harmony. 

“Beyond all the stories and conditionings which we believe we carry and need to mend,
there is a pathway through which we can access our mystical original blueprint,
attuning us to our crystalline wholeness
—the memory of who we truly are.”

1 session (1 hour)
Heart Donation $100~150
*For additional $30 includes the recording of the sound healing in your session to allow you to reconnect with the frequency anytime.

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