Celestial Hearth

  • High Vibrational Charm from Japan

  • with High Grade Crystals and Organic Essential Oils

These are offerings from my whole heart. To bring them into physical forms, I took each step with such care and love, while following the mystical guidances. All product lines are created with intention, affirmation, and my sincere wish to support your sacred loving self-care, as well as to amplify your unique healing power that is within you to call in further magics and beauty into your life.

I create each product with highest quality of ingredients. I designed so to offer the quality of products that I have always wished to have in my own life. They are all handmade by me as a ritual, then blessed and activated by the sounds of crystal singing bowls and pyramids.

May we live our power and beauty.
May we live the miracles that we have always dreamed of and even more.

Crystals + Essential Oil Blend
Synergetic Fusion of Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy in One Bottle!

These crystal infused essential oil blend rollers are bottles of amazing alchemy. The healing power of essential oils and crystals work in synergy to transform your physical and energy body. It is like a vibrational perfume and transmuter. It may shift your auric field, as well as work within your bio-system with its healing properties to attune your physical and energy body into harmony.

Three are seven bottles, and each bottle is created for specific intention and purpose, according to which I designed the combination of crystals and essential oil blends.

Crystal Fullerene
A high vibrational charm from Japan

This is pure magic with incredible healing vibrations! 

Crystal Fullerene is a sacred holographic geometry in a C60 molecular structure (a powerful purifier), woven with pure crystal beads. It is a dynamic healing conduit between celestial and terrestrial fields, anchoring the high frequencies.

The healing power of the Crystal Fullerene is by its holographic shape as well as pure vibrations of crystals, which permeates and transforms the energy of the space as well as our body.

Each fullerene woven with different crystals holds different frequencies and consciousness that can work on different aspects of ourselves. As the fullerene is a solid crystalline energy, holding it in the hand or placing it on a certain part of the body can assist us in assimilating to its energy. 

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