In my artistic and creative process, I always work with the nature.

For me, they are the source of inspirations, threshold of expressions and the place I always return to reconnect with the essence.

I have been deeply inspired by the ancient meaning of ART:

music, dance, poetry, story telling and visual didn’t have any separate names yet existed as one inseparably; it was for us to honor and reconnect with the nature within and without us.

These influences have naturally let me focus on co-creative collaborations with other artists people and/or different disciplines. It always fascinates me how each voice can be valued and strengthened with all other voices and create one expression together.


I started to teach groups and individuals in 2009; ever since it has become an important commitment in my life. My teaching is a sharing of my personal and artistic process. It is for everyone, because one of the main focuses is for us to return to our Beingness so that each of our natural gift would shine through.

“Our Body is Earth. We are reflections of Nature.”

This is what I practice in my life and art. Experiencing the physical limitations from the trauma in my early childhood, the illness in 2006, loosing my voice for singing for 7years in my twenties, without this practice, I couldn’t have come to this place where I am. It has helped me to reunite with the lost fragments of myself and trust my own voice.

photography by Claudia Meglin

photography by Abe Perlstein

Performance at TEDxOslo 2016

About me

On a full moon night in 1981, I was born in Japan.

I am a vocalist and a dancer. I perform and teach internationally.

Art belongs to every human being. I believe in its very transformational power.

It has been helping me to grow as a human and to remember things that truly matters.

It has been a vehicle for me to return into harmony, into nature within and without.